Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Songwriters by the Sea at Axelrod

The Axelrod Performing Arts Center is hosting special Songwriters by the Sea 8 p.m. this Sunday. Jersey Shore stars Joe D’Urso (Stone Caravan) and Joe Rapolla (the Perfect Square) are hosts with a line-up of songwriters who have had hits of one sort or another. They will join the two Joes onstage to perform and talk about their work and their stories from decades in the music business.

As a special treat, Grammy-nominated virtuoso guitarist, Gary Lucas (Gods and Monsters) will be a featured guest. Lucas was recently named one of the top 100 greatest living guitarists by Classic Rock Magazine. As a solo artist he sells out concerts all over the world and has been called "the world's most popular avant-rock guitarist" by Britain's the Independent. "Grace," a major hit for late Gods and Monsters bandmate Jeff Buckley, was co-authored by Lucas. Le first came to public notice playing with the legendary Captain Beefheart (Don van Vliet) and he currently performs with Fast 'N Bulbous, a free-jazz band performing many Beefheart originals.

Lucas is also a film score composer and will be performing live excerpts from his soundtrack to the silent film "The Golem" at Axelrod on June 27, as part of the Jersey Shore Film Festival.

Other songwriters performing at Songwriters by the Sea will be Willie Nile, Dean Friedman, Mike Black and Linda Chorney. While this annual event attracts many of the same faces each year, some of the participants will be taking the stage for the first time. Tickets are $20 available through the Axelrod box office or by phone at 732-531-9106.

Information on "The Golem" performance listed in this blog post was corrected 11:44 a.m., about 1 1/2 hours after initially posting.

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