Friday, April 3, 2009

Jarvis et al.

The following is reprinted from my blog post Tuesday, 3/31/09, at

This morning, we're getting the word that Peter Jarvis is no longer going to be teaching at William Paterson. Peter's great strengths--as a player, conductor and educator--for many years were focused by his position at WPU. It's a sad day for new music in New Jersey-- even sadder for the WPU community. But it will be interesting to see what happens now, what direction Peter's career takes.

I found out about this yesterday because Peter was supposed to give a second performance of my solo for drum set "Jungle 5-7675" at WPU's "Day of Percussion" on April 18. He emailed me last night to say that as of right now, he doesn't think he will be playing at all that day. Luckily, The College of New Jersey Music Department had him down a few weeks ago to premiere the piece at its Faculty Composers Concert, organized by Ralph Russell. It was great.

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