Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Champian Fulton at Two River Theatre

June 19th & 20th, the Jazz Arts Project continues its Summer Jazz Cafe with singer Champian Fulton & Trio. Fulton has two CDs out, "Champian" and "Sometimes I'm Happy." This past December she appeared at Jazz Arts Project's second annual "Sinatra Birthday Bash" at the Count Basie Theatre.

Tickets are $20, $10 for students. For more information phone 732-345-1400 or check out the Jazz Arts Project website.

Looks like Jazz Arts Project might be having some trouble keeping its website updated with fresh press releases, photos, recordings and articles. That's always a problem, particularly for nonprofits. Every website needs to be maintained to generate new interest, but with very little feedback from visitors it can be really hard to justify spending the time filling in all the details.

Think of a new shopkeeper: he puts out a sign that advertises his store hours, but during certain times nobody comes. Does he close the store? Absolutely not! At least not until he's had a chance to advertise the change in hours. The same is true with a website: it needs to be current and open for business. Stick to it, even if nobody comes. The one or two people that find your store closed when the sign says you're supposed to be there are never going to come back.

Still, I don't mean to condemn any website producers for failing to maintain a site. It can be really hard, particularly when relying on volunteers, and the rewards are not easy to quantify.

Meanwhile, some old video clips are still available on the Jazz Arts Project site, including a wild one of stride pianist Tony DeSare playing "Fly Me to the Moon".

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